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Feature Articles
Smooth Transition a Winner for Young Chicago Fans
Horseman & Fair World   Dec. 2011
Realbadcombination:  Best of Both Worlds
Hoof Beats    Nov. 2011
Rock N Roll Heaven:  Instant Karma
Harness Edge    Feb. 2010
Breath Deep:  Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy
Midwest Thoroughbred   Sept. 2009
An American in Paris:  A Prix d'Amerique Experience
Midwest Thoroughbred   April 2011
Fantastic Past Performances:  Dr. Fager
Midwest Thoroughbred   Aug. 2010
"Moinet" shows she likes being home in Illinois
Horsemen & Fair World   March 2012
Walter Paisley recalls his trotting sensation Riccolo
Hoof Beats  September 2012
Contessa Leight: Bittersweet Diva
Hoof Beats  June 2014
Chantal Sutherland: on circuits & jockeys
Illinois Racing News   Feb. 2010
Jesse's Messenger: Reluctant Mother
Hoof Beats  May 2014
Norway: Racing in the land of Vikings
Illinois Racing News  July  2014
The Elitlopp Experience
Hoof Beats July  2014
The Dallas Wholesale Terminal Market
Produce Business  Jan.  2008
Fresh Herbs take Center Stage
Produce Business  May  2008
Value-added Potatoes expand the Category
Produce Business  Feb.  2008
John Carver: Plymouth Rocker
Harness Edge    April 2009
Milkshaking Matters
Horsemen & Fair World   March 2008
Costly Coverage: Working for Workman
Horsemen & Fair World   May 2008